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Licensing Information

I hope the PDF version of the SharePoint Maturity Model has been helpful to you.  If you find the material useful, please consider licensing the full version. 

Essentially, there is no fee to license the Model if you agree to share the data that you generate.  This data does not include individual name or company name.  (For a full list of the data collected, see below.)


Why would I license it?

Aside from the peace of mind of doing the right thing, licensing brings you the following benefits:

  • Be the first to receive updates to the Model as it evolves
  • Receive the Model in its native form (rather than PDF) which will be easier to adapt to your own materials
  • Receive the latest data as it is released
  • Lend credibility to your materials
  • Build relationships with the growing network of experts who look to the Model as a definitive source

Data Collected

  • A number value for each of the 11 SPMM competencies
  • Date of Assessment
  • Years the organization has used SharePoint
  • Current SP Version (year + standard or enterprise if known)
  • # of users organization-wide
  • # of IT staff supporting SharePoint (combinepart-timers & include vendors if they are a regular part of your team)
    Organization’s Industry


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